Profile of the company

We would like to present you the company MK izolstav,Ltd., which deals with isolation and implementation of the constructions.

Although the company Izolstav, Ltd has actively started to operate on the market since the 1st January 2009, it already worked on the market from the year 1997, because it developed from the company Miroslav Konopáč, which was established in the year 1997.

The company passed through the long developement from its formation. Nowadays it is a sure-footed and solvent company with more than 25 experienced workers from areas of isolation, tinsmith, roofing, bricklaying and locksmithery.

We offer the professional processing of all materials and technologies according to economical possibilities and requirements of the client. We will advise you and prepare the price quotation for free. The stability of the company allows us to finance the job order during the construction time from our own resources.

About the steadiness and the fruitfulness of the company gives evidence the serie of actions implemented not only in the Czech republic but also abroad, e.g . in Slovakia, in Poland, Germany or in France.

Our longtime aim is the rendition of services in High Quality and with the long guarantee.Therefore we decide in our company to move the level of our servises even heigher. During the first months of the year 2007 came through in our company the preparation for system certification of the quality ISO. In May 2007 the company successfuly met the demands of the system specifications CSN EN ISO 9001: 2001 and obtained the certificate of quality ISO 9001.


MK izolstav, s.r.o.
Izolace a realizace staveb

Telefon: +420 516 463 413
Fax: +420 516 463 080

Crhov 65
679 74 Olešnice